The great California waterways are at your doorstep.

Delta Coves is a complete new-home community that caters to water-loving families with  exceptional facilities and fun activities—whether by land or water. Go for a stroll on the waterfront boardwalk. Gather for picnics, barbecues and traditional lawn games. Or pedal a bike around the lagoon and take in spectacular views.

The great California waterways are at your doorstep. Cruise the Delta’s islands and inlets, rich with rare flora and fauna. Tackle prime fishing year-round for big-game bluegill, bullhead and bass—even the prehistoric sturgeon. Explore hundreds of lively waterfront bars, restaurants, secluded beaches and recreation areas. And relish water sports galore. All, moments from home.

Whoever said a man’s home is his castle, never owned a boat.


The best part of life at Delta Coves is the opportunity to have a boat in your own backyard, where you can launch on the Delta’s famed waters on a whim. Explore 1,000-plus miles of watery avenues with breathtaking vistas, vine-covered trees and abundant wildlife. Cruise a maze of river channels and sloughs that meander among low islands. Trace the mighty Sacramento or San Joaquin Rivers out to the Pacific Ocean, traversing small towns like Courtland, Locke, Walnut Grove, Isleton and Rio Vista.

Whether you’re a thrill-seeker in search of exhilaration Or a city executive in need of relaxation. Or a family that wants more quality time with your kids. Or a maverick that treasures solo sabbaticals. Your ambition for adventure is satisfied at Delta Coves.